about agent of change

ENGAGING – game format with characters and stories in a college environment

EMPOWERING – not didactic; students interact with the characters and make choices

EFFECTIVE – students see the connections between these power-based violations, how these problems affect their lives, and what they can do to challenge cultural norms that help sexual violence flourish

Agent of Change is an interactive, online violence prevention training tool that utilizes popular and evidence-informed strategies from the field of violence prevention: myth acceptance, norms challenging, motivational interviewing, feminist theory, social norms theory, and bystander intervention.

Agent of Change is a result of our combined 50 years working with college students on the complex issues of sexual assault, stalking, abusive relationships, and sexual harassment -- all the topics now required by federal and state legislation.  

Agent of Change is a first person role-play in which users engage with digital characters in various settings. These settings are designed to reflect realistic situations where players will be confronted with opportunities to challenge the attitudes and behaviors that support and facilitate violence. In each scene, approximately 3-5 minutes in length, the player participates in conversations with digital characters about sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. During conversations, the player makes choices about what to say and how to respond to other characters. As the players make their choices, the digital characters respond by supporting, modeling, and challenging the player. In addition, as the player makes choices, they are placed into educational tiers to ensure the content is appropriate for each player’s skill-sets around violence prevention. This system allows players to learn, develop, and practice the skills needed to prevent violence before it happens.

Agent of Change is a new way to reach students, using gaming technology to put students in simulated situations where they are challenged to think about how these problems affect their daily lives and how they can act to change them.

Watch the DEMO for explanations about how the interactions occur.

Agent of Change comes with associated products and services that will help you continue the education beyond the online program.